Watching What You Drink: Here Are Lowest Calorie Beers At Charlotte Breweries


Summer is almost here, which means you might be thinking more about the amount of calories you’re drinking on those beautiful brewery patios.

No worries. I’m here to offer you some choices at local Charlotte breweries that’ll reduce your chances of expanding that beer belly.

Let it be known, though, that breweries operate differently than restaurants. Brewing establishments aren’t required to publish how much calories are in their craft beer and some brewers I talked to didn’t know the exact calorie count.

For fewer calories, stick to the brews that have a low ABV (alcohol by volume) level, the brewers said.  A 3-4.5% level is best to drink for a full afternoon out at a brewery, but if you love them strong — in the +7% range — just drink one … maybe two if you did your morning workout.

A look at some of the lower-calorie options at local breweries:

Legion Brewing – The Carolina Sparkle Party Berliner Weisse

CLICK HERE for more!

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