Concord’s Got A Lot, Too!


When someone from Charlotte hears about Concord, he or she immediately has images of the NASCAR speedway, Concord Mills and annoying after-work traffic up I-85.

[Related: Road-tripping northbound out of Charlotte is like purgatory.]

But that’s the big city mentality.  If you head up a few more exits on the interstate, then you’ll find that Concord is a down-home, laid-back kind of town.  There’s plenty to offer both during the day and at night, but you need a few tips before exploring.

Even though Concord has almost 80,000 residents, it still has that small-town mentality, so a lot of restaurants and bars close earlier in the night or might not offer that liquor drink you’re craving.

Don’t worry though.  My “born-and-raised” Concord friends took me on a journey around the historic downtown district and had some great advice on what to do and see.



Union Street divides…

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