TidalBall Is A Lifestyle

Last year I got my first dose of TidalBall when I played with its co-founders on the sandy beaches of Mt. Pleasant, S.C. And by winning my first match, I was crowned Le Petite Prince of the Charleston Beach Realm and witnessed “Lost Bets” challenges during my reign of TidalBall dominance.

Thankfully it’s easy to learn…

TidalBall is a mix of cornhole and bocce ball; however, the ball is lighter and you throw it into either a small hole for three points or the long trench for one point. With your teammate on the opposite side, you alternate tosses, score with the basic cancel out/net scoring rule, and try not to lose. If so, your team will have to suffer the consequences of what the winning team challenges you to do.

Read the rest on CharlotteFive.com.

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