Shop Local For Father’s Day This Year

First off: Father’s Day is in one week. Sunday, June 21. Don’t forget.

It might be easier nowadays to hop onto and find your dad a gift for the special day. But here’s my challenge to you: Get out of the house, get into your car and shop local this year.

A few places to check out:

William Wilson Clothing

Dads need to look fresh, too. Check out William Wilson Clothing on 109 W. Morehead St. It’s by appointment only, so Wilson can give his undivided attention to what gifts could make your dad stand out from the rest. He dresses the stars, too.


Purchasing a tie or bow-tie to add pizzazz to your dad’s collection, or you opt for funky socks or personalized cuff links for extra flare.

Prices are around $20 for socks, $35 for handkerchiefs and $65-100 for ties and cuff links.

Read more on!

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