Funny Video: TV Anchor Fired 1st Day On Job

And boom goes the dynamite!

A.J. Clemente is now dreading his decision to take his first job out in North Dakota in the middle of nowhere.  The news has to be 10 minutes long there due to nothing going on besides tumbleweeds and flat land.  And even after he curses in the opening of the news, he DEFINITELY knows he messed up and can’t rebound as he stutters.

With a journalism background from college, I’ve always feared doing something like this LIVE and On the Air.

But because “The FCC won’t let him be” (Eminem reference), the program director had to let him go.  This guy has a promising future though…what a perfect resume tape.  He messed up once and definitely will get a second chance anywhere to work…even if it’s working for Fox Sports West Virginia.  I mean if Hooters Baseball girl can get a second chance and Playboy offer, so can this dude. #WhatAWoman

One thought on “Funny Video: TV Anchor Fired 1st Day On Job

  1. Since it happened in North Dakota, you would’ve thought no one saw it. Sadly, it’s gone viral. I did read that he was going to be on Letterman, though, so that should help.

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